Technology is an enabler of rich user experience
Choosing the technology stack that best suits your product
Product Development Technology Stack


Correct choices help leverage the benefits offered by the latest front-end technology

Leveraging full browser capabilities

HTML5, CSS3 and Ecmascript 5

Semantic web, Offline apps, Canvas, Video/Audio, Media queries, etc.

Mature front-end frameworks

Application development made easy, maintainable, uniform and testable

Excellent tooling support

Super-easy building, packaging and deployment

Clean implementation

Better productivity and velocity

MVC / MVVM / MV* architecture

Responsive Applications

CSS Frameworks that make developing modern, responsive applications a cinch

Complete Javascript Stack

Complete JavaScript stack if going with NodeJS server-side architecture

Uniform language syntax and constructs on client and server help existing JavaScript resources

Expertise in de-coupling the UI layer in monolithic applications

Monolithic apps

  • Are expensive to maintain.
  • Do not scale well.

Why break coupling 

  • Support  newer UI technologies quickly.
  • Allow flexible deployments.
  • Improve testability of product.


  • Introduce REST-like API.
  • Decouple current UI by using API gradually.