It takes a great team to build world-class products
Setting and ramping up just the right team for you

A three step approach helps get the engagement off to a perfect start

Create a dedicated

Hire a team to specification, to be a constant partner for you.

Focus on in-person discussions

Build mutual trust and rapport

Remove unknowns earlier in the cycle

Start with a detailed requirement analysis,  and validation through POCs

The Right Architecture Choices

We give you a product architecture with built-in considerations that never fail. We have built over a 100 successful products using these guidelines.

Pluggable Architecture

Plug-in based approach as a solution to extensibility problems


Considerations for both Horizontal and Vertical scalability for large scale distributed systems


Should meet specified response time & throughput rates. Optimal use of CPU/memory/network


Implement transactional integrity through ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability)


Expert Evaluation, Usability Evaluation, Section 508 compliance

Responsive Design

Design should be aligned to meet specified response processing time & throughput rates

Comprehensive Security

Comply with global security standards/regulations, authentication, role-based access, data encryption

Localization & i18n

Considered as an architectural and design style rather than a feature


Design a system that is portable, adaptable, installable across devices irrespective of hardware or software

Open communication and collaboration

Multiple ways to track progress and build trust

Operational Transparency

  • You will always know:
  • Who are the team members?
  • Who is working on what?
  • We will never transfer of resources without your consent.

Monitoring and Visibility

  • A portal for “Total Visibility” provides micro and macro updates
  • Daily team stand up meetings
  • Weekly Project Status meeting
  • Monthly Management Review

Collaboration Tools

  • We will share status reports, milestone tracking, open issues, risks  & mitigation plans, documents with you.
  • Our communication lines are email, audio/video conference calls, IM, blogs, wiki, newsgroup, web portals, and SCRUM meetings.